Ben Pieper Photography


View Website // When I first moved to Kansas City, I met Ben Pieper—a man of many talents, most notable for his food and product photography. He and his wife Kim are a team of excellent cooks and culinary educators.

So in 2009, he asked if I would create the branding for his new venture as well as a portfolio website to showcase his fantastic photography. I agreed, and we got to work.

The first order of business was determining his brand strategy. There is a particular sense of timelessness to Ben’s work that is apparent even as he continues to push the boundaries of his craft.

The site strategy that followed was simply to feature full-screen photographs with a minimally invasive UI. Leave it to other photographers’ sites to employ obtrusive navigation, copy and graphics that distract the viewer from their photographs. Not Ben. His beautiful images take center stage.

To make it easy for Ben to update this portfolio, the site also employs an XML backend that integrates with Flash so he can drag-and-drop new images for a quick refresh.

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